Continuing from Part 1 in January

“Find your creative zone.” Agree with, to a point. Sure, inspiration sometimes hits you at the right moment, and a brilliant campaign can crafted in a fevered frenzy of ingenuity and effort. And sometimes, it’s 10pm the night before a deadline, and you’re still looking at a blank word document. No one likes to hear it, but sometimes, even if your idea isn’t the most amazing thing ever conceived of, a cliched approach is still better than none. Sometimes meeting people’s expectations really is the best way to go (except when it isn’t!) Either way, part of guiding a campaign is being able to do the hard work of welding all the different pieces together in a timely fashion even if you’re not always inspired.

Being creative

“Avoid, avoid, avoid.” Their point here is that you need to make time for brainstorming and writing, even if your schedule seems to be dedicated to tripping you up at all costs. “Writing takes time, you have to schedule blocks for writing, and most importantly, you have stop doing other things.” Again, with regards to marketing, this is true…. up to a point. While you’re focused on crafting the best possible campaign, there’s still the small matter of keeping your lights on. Often, the best possible advice is not to spread yourself too thin. If you’re not finding the time to work on a message, sometimes its better just to bite the bullet and outsource that sucker. Not something to necessarily make a habit out of, but its better than never getting your campaign off the ground in the first place.


“Embrace imperfection.” Well, not when it comes to your final product (which, to be fair, is not an argument the article is making). But this is important: If you’re putting your product out there for the first time, you really don’t get a second chance to make a first impression (unless you burn your LLC to the ground and whip up a totally, 100%, pinky-swear unrelated startup overseas. Do not recommend). Imperfections are fine during brainstorming, and cliches are often unavoidable. But, do try to do your best. You’ll thank yourself later.


“Put yourself out there.” Yes. Agree. There’s a great quote: “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman” (my internet-fu is failing me with regards to attribution, but rest assured, I did not make up this quote and am not trying to take credit for it). If you don’t guide your campaign to fruition, no one else will. Or at the very least, no one who will credit you accordingly will.

Lego Batman

Hope your 2017 is off to a great start and we’ll see you next month!