This has been a most excellent and eventful month for us here at Cranial Island!  It started off ignominiously enough with Lindsey’s computer going belly-up on the first of May, courtesy of a video card that just didn’t want to live anymore, but Apple ended up footing the bill for the repair, so hey. We bring this up solely because Lindsey gets frothy with rage when technology doesn’t cooperate with him, and Carla finds this comical. Coincidentally (so she claims), Carla skipped town not long after, heading for the deep south.


Carla explored Atlanta for a solid week, meeting with fellow videographers and media production teams. She also went to the Shaky Knees Festival, which involved neither knees nor the shaking thereof, and played with puppies. I’m unclear from her notes whether puppies were actually at the festival, or whether this occurred at a separate time, so let’s just operate under the delightful assumption that Atlanta happens to be stuffed full of puppies as far as the eye can see.


Meanwhile, Lindsey’s rage eventually subsided once Apple returned his computer to him in proper working condition, though “being forced to” blitz through all of Netflix’s Daredevil over the course of a day or so probably helped. He ventured outdoors perhaps twice over the course of the week, both times because his supply of cereal was running low, and San Francisco does not actually have a network of underground tunnels constructed for the explicit purpose of allowing city folk to roam around unravaged by the burning orb of fire this planet revolves around.


Carla describes 80-degree Atlanta weather as “fabulous,” and “balmy,” and found returning to the chilly San Francisco fog something of a shock to the system. Lindsey describes San Francisco’s summer weather as “gloomy,” “bleak,” and “just right.” An observant reader would now question why Lindsey needs an underground network of tunnels at all, to which Lindsey would reply, “[shrill hissing sounds],” and walk off.


The month ended with SF Small Business Week.  We had a great time seeing all of our friends! And taking selfies, but that’s neither here nor there. We were fortunate enough to see two of our good friends and partners speak there, Flo Content and Rose Souders.  (Oh HAYY it’s a shout out) along with running into Chatter Studios and AfIMNetworks, among others.  The free booze was also a plus, because booze.


Have a great June!


Thumbs up for SF Small Business Week!

Have a great June!