Animated Content Creation Studio
Located in San Francisco and Atlanta

Cranial Island Studios is a full-service animation studio dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We provide high-quality Explainer Videos, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, and Whiteboard Animation. Our key animator Lindsey Latimer leads a team of artists with his expertise and excellence in visual communication and animated characters. From educating consumers about innovative products, to pitching your message the way you want, to developing unique and appealing designs for an even broader audience, Cranial Island will work with you every step of the way to make your ideas a reality.



During your consultation you’ll receive a project planning and information gathering session, and initial rough sketches, storyboards and concept generation



2D Animation

  • Whiteboard style option can be included for no additional cost
  • Polished animation in style of your choosing, to fit your narrative

Whiteboard Animation

  • Detailed and colored line work in illustration style of your choosing
  • Animated key beats of your narrative

Motion Graphics

  • Video conceptualization of abstract and/or typography
  • Focused imagery
  • Useful for expressing less representational ideas and concepts

3D Animation
(Commercially Licensed Characters)

  • Fully rendered CG (computer generated) animation, to fit your narrative
  • Created with fully customizable commercially-‐licensed CG characters

3D Animation
(Original Modeled+Rigged Characters)

  • Fully rendered CG animation, to fit your narrative
  • Features completely original CG characters designed for your specific project

Animation Development Process:

Once project is approved, development process is variable and depends entirely on complexity of the project. Typically we will present an initial round of storyboards prior to a contract being signed, which we will use to hone in on the parameters of the project and create a project pipeline.

During the development of these storyboards, and later concepts, we ask our clients to share with us whatever visual references or other style guides with us to ensure the project fits their vision as accurately as possible. Our workflow is to have the client sign off on each asset or stage of the project (character design, layouts, blocking, etc) as it is created.

Want custom content but on a budget?

At Cranial Island Studios, we create hand drawn animated GIF’s content monthly with our packages starting at only $50 a month!  This is perfect for all your social media platforms, bumpers for videos, and more!  Contact us to get more details.  See our GIFs on our Instagram page @cranial_island_studios.