Hello hello! We found an article on recent digital marketing trends that we thought would be of interest to you: http://www.inc.com/dan-scalco/5-digital-marketing-trends-to-watch-for-in-2016.html We’re going to assume you’re like we aspire to be, and busy (or, you’re like Lindsey various nonspecific tragic heroes


Who remembers Powdered Toast Man?

and lazy energy efficient) and will summarize it for you:

Websites will become more and more flexible to device you’re using. Sounds like a no-brainer, but from my own personal experience, there’ve been tons of articles that I’ve tried opening on my iPhone where I lose interest and move away from if it takes forever to load, or if there’s a ton of garbage I have to sift through first.

SEO shifts to content marketing, and will filter search results in favor of things you’re actually interested in. Seems logical. Let’s say I’m looking for web seminars. It makes sense to find ones in my area, targeted towards industries I’m in, rather than just a blanket, generic search result that doesn’t really do me much good. The Hunt

Video! Video video video. “Studies have shown that visitors will stay on a site for two minutes longer if it has a video.” It’s a way to engage viewers quickly, in a way that blogging simply can’t match at the same rate. We here at Cranial Island concur with these findings most assiduously, and grunt a general cadence of agreement at the screen while frantically thesaurus-ing “assiduously” to make sure we used that term at least somewhere correctly.

Speed and efficiency. A website can have all sorts of beautiful bells and whistles, but if I can’t find the “contact info” tab in seven seconds, or else I’m going to move onto googling more videos of dogs getting sleepy and falling over. Sorry. Priorities.

States Googling

“I remember when “Buzzfeed” was something I did in college around 2am.” – President Obama. But no, seriously, you know all those quizzes you do about which of your dogs is your soulmate, and what your aura looks like? That’s just me? Oh. But wait, it ISN’T just me, darn it, because I see those quizzes everywhere! And that’s the point. People take a quiz, and then share their (unique!) results on Facebook or what have you, and then their friends take the quiz, and so on. It’s simultaneously a personal experience, and a sharing, community bonding one all at the same time. Interactive content like this is not going anywhere, and you’ll see much more of it in 2016.

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