Hello! We came upon this article about video marketing in the Huffington Post, and we’d like to share it with you. For the tl;dr crowd, here are some of our thoughts:

Effective marketing these days is all about the emotional connection. Among the most memorable forms of marketing are testimonials, which are also very well suited to a visual format. Have a satisfied customer? Cool! Have one or two or five of them write or say a few things about how much you rock, put that into some kind of form that would work on a camera, and add some animation to sprinkle liberally throughout, and BAM you have yourself a nice viral moment just waiting to happen.

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Another reason why video marketing is the bees knees:

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They’re easy to understand, and more importantly people are used to them now. Take one example (that’s not in the article): The “Tasty” people. Their videos are really straightforward overhead camera pointed down at your cooking area, and walk you through the process of making a delicious looking recipe.

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They’re generally no more than a minute long (hurray for low frame rates), and you get to see (in awesome detail) these recipes take shape before your eyes. Their videos have been popping up all over social media in “autoplay” format, and given that I’m telling you about them even though I’ve had no interest in cooking anything more complicated than a pop-tart for most of my adult life, that must mean they’re doing something right.

Some of the other stuff in the article. There were a lot of technical barriers to creating video content ten years ago that simply aren’t the case any more. It’s now incredibly easy to create and implement a nice-looking video across multiple platforms, and if being intimidated by the potential effort involved was a factor before, well, fear not, times have changed!

Personalized videos are now an option: Customers can select specific features that are most relevant to them and watch video content that they’ll (gasp) actually be interested in. Related: The part at the end about analytics, where you can now see how YOUR content is being received as well. Up to date feedback for you AND your customers is a big part of marketing now, and interactive video elements can be a big part of making that happen for your business.

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While Youtube is still a big deal for video, but there’s also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a bunch of others, all of which have users with their own specific needs and interests.

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Essentially, you can take one brand and market it in different ways to reach a bunch of different groups.

Don’t take our word for it that video marketing is a big deal: companies all over not only have dedicated social media teams, but they’re also having those teams focus on creating dedicated video content targeted towards specific demographics. It’s only a recently tapped market, and there’s plenty of potential business there for everyone. Even you!

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It’s a cool article, and we just wanted to share it with you. Hope everyone had a great January, and we’ll see you at the Super Bowl! Well, no, actually we’ll be at home nice and snug and avoiding traffic, but it’s a lovely thought all the same.