Last month has kept us super busy, with projects and creative challenges galore.  This month is shaping up to be even crazier. The end of April and beginning of May is going to have fun times with meetings, concerts and CIS’ animator Lindsey’s birthday. Which means one thing: Lots of pizza. Chicago-style deep-dish to be specific, but don’t tell New York-native Carla. Unless she’s the one to proof-read this article.  May is getting kicked off with Carla going to Atlanta to meet with a few studios during her first trip to the south, along with enjoying the Shaky Knees music festival. That name is confusing, mainly because there are only so many types of music that name could possibly describe, but it should be a fun show.




If anyone can share with us fun places to go in Atlanta, you will get free swag. And maybe something else.








Then of course it’s Small Business Week here in SF!

We are super excited that one of our partners, Flo Content (, will be presenting there, and yes we did just sign up for their event. They will be explaining the importance of having a video for your web presence, and why that makes your product or service so much more memorable and relatable.  Obviously we agree, or otherwise we’d be doing a lot of soul searching/crying ourselves to sleep. On top of all that, we have a speaking engagement this month. On May 13th, Lindsey will be speaking at the FREE Video Marketing Workshop in Walnut Creek about why animation could be a perfect fit for your business, and what kinds of goals such a video should accomplish for you.  This is CIS’ FIRST speaking engagement!  We are super stoked.


This leads us to our special offer this month: if you attend one of these events, or get someone to attend, you can get a discount off of your animation needs!


Happy May Ya’ll