March was a really exciting month for us Cranial Islanders!  We had a great time in New York City and Rochester, and crossed paths with some really great people to collaborate with out there.  We also crooned some uplifting melodies (“Walk” by Pantera and “Painkiller by Judas Priest), in Brooklyn’s Trash Bar. By we, we mean Carla. Lindsey was home asleep doing novel and intriguing activities.

One particular exciting aspect of the trip was going to the see the Mad Men exhibit at the Museum of Moving Images in Queens.  They had lots of cool pieces of memorabilia from the show, including costumes, scripts, and notes.  Another part of the museum we really liked was a section where they had drawings and hand made props used in filming special effects for different films, including (but not limited to) drawings of a person being ripped open in Silence of the Lambs, and props used when they filmed Freddy Krueger, er, also being ripped open in Halloween, Friday The 13th, Hellraiser that one horror movie with all the blood and stuff.

They had makeup for different movie sets, including Sex and the City.  Lindsey insists that I make sure to mention that there was a Star Trek section, which looked like a really nerdy place for nerds to nerd out, because they’re nerds.  Finally, we initially got excited when we saw they had an exhibit on antique toys and games, only to realize how old we are when we saw that they had helpfully included a Nintendo Entertainment System along with the jacks and marbles.  Which I suppose won’t make those who do remember jacks and marbles feel much better, but with any luck, they won’t remember reading this.  Y’know, because of the memory loss and all. Because they’re old.  I probably should have ended this thought four or five sentences ago.

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Happy April