This last month was cray squared. We’ve always held to the notion that running a business is something akin to walking off a cliff, but in the middle of June we finally put our money where our mouth was and, well, walked off a cliff. Don’t worry, we had a parachute (and an paragliding instructor who knew what he was doing) snugly attached. Lotsa fun! Lindsey claims his tum-tum got kinda woozy, but Carla assuaged him by playing the world’s smallest violin. I mean, really.


Mr. Crab’s Worlds Smallest Violin

Here’s a clip of Lindsey trying to take off and never quite getting off the ground. Carla decided the best thing she could do would be to keep filming.



Anyway. A few great events happened work wise in June!! One of our fav colleagues, Eris Poringer started a sick-nasty event called the Vibrant FEMMES- Kick Ass Women in Business.  Anyone that’s interested in checking it out should email us and we will find a way to connect you.  (As long as you’re female that is!)

Carla also attended a very funny conference with … FunnyBiz? That’s actually their name? That’s awesome. They did a bang-up job leading an inspiring discussion on various methods of bringing humor and creativity to the often musty business world. 5/5, would go again. That, among other fun events, brought Cranial Island the opportunity to meet some really kick-ass creative professionals in the Bay Area! And by “Cranial Island” we mean “Carla,” since Lindsey has decided it is a matter of national security for him to hide in the cave all day, but we’ve already said too much.

Lindsey Chilling in His Cave

Also, this month, we got to start working on our (first) TV commercial!  The client specifically requested cartoon-esque “word bursts” be used to highlight various offers, which made Lindsey feel like this:

No words for word bursts

Our goal has from the start been to expand our business across our fine nation, and “be required” on occasion to travel to LA and the east coast for work-related adventures. If anyone can help us connect the dots towards that end, we will love you forever and/or make you a mean banana smoothie, whichever you need more of in your life. This past month we’ve met more and more people who live that reality and love what they do, which is honestly the most inspiring thing we can imagine. So thank you!

As June charges into July (with Pride Week!), we look forward to lots of fun ahead!




Carla and Lindsey

PS- You can now find us on page 222 of the 2016 Northern California Reel Directory!