Happy new year! We hope you all had a great holiday season to close out 2015 and welcome in 2016!

What’s that? My notes for this newsletter don’t say anything about the relative difficulties of typing out years? Well, clearly that was a mistake.

Lindsey is too excited about word bursts for words

Lindsey is too excited for words (so the blanket does the talking for him)

But onward! We at Cranial Island had an alternately relaxing and/or social holiday season, depending on which Cranial Islander you ask (and thus marking the first time the term “Cranial Islander” has ever been written by human hands). Lindsey went back to Dallas for a week to spend Christmas with his family, and definitely did not not fail to not see Star Wars on multiple occasions (that translates out to him still being at the Cineplex as of this writing, because he’s a nerd).


Well, in all fairness, that so-called nerd movie has now made eleventy bazillion dollars at the box office, which scientifically proves that nerds have a lot of money to spare. Wait, that’s not my point at all…

Carla in the meantime had a relaxing time visiting friends and family in the Bay Area this last week of December. She also got to explore Berkeley a great deal more than she had ever had the chance to in the past, and learned that they really take their yoga classes seriously there, with live music and twilit candles and a whole heaping helping of atmosphere.


Good stuff.

Anyway! This year promises to be a doozy. We look forward to working with many more cool and interesting people on promoting their businesses and services, and we really appreciate everyone’s help so far in making it as far as we have.  Did you know that people now have an attention span of only 7 seconds?  (And yes that’s less than a goldfish).


We plan on sharing more on this information and more in our newsletters.  In fact, we are also making an animated 30 second video explaining this which will be out on a later date.  This year we also hope to explore more fully how visual information can reach new markets and audiences that really wouldn’t have been possible even five years ago. It’s a whole new world out there, and yet, the people are still the same awesome people they always were. See you in 2016, and let’s make some magic happen!