Halloween! That magical time of year where a young man’s… Um… Candy? Turns to… Um. Wait. I don’t think this idiom is going anywhere.  But it’s that spooky time of year where ghoulies and ghosties wander the streets and terrify the innocent! And because everyone likes to be either a ghoulie or a ghostie, there aren’t *actually* that many innocents wandering around, but you know. My editor has just informed me that we need to somehow redirect this blog post to things relevant to Cranial Island, because they’re supposedly the ones footing the bill. Well. Er. Ooh, Cranial! That’s a scary word, right? It means brains, and brains means zombies, and Halloween and zombies go together like…. Peanut butter and zombies. And Islands are where people get marooned and have to resort to… What’s that? Still not relevant? Fine.

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So Carla Ginsberg of Cranial Island Studios spent most of this past month in New York City, meeting with clients and planning new projects. Lindsey spent the past month watching Star Trek watching Star Trek The Next Generation hard at work.

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So, lots of productivity! We just finished up our second video for Wonder Windows, where Wonder Window himself fights off the depredations of Old Man Winter.  That’s right. Depredations. Means to… depredate. As depredators do. I suppose I could have just said “mean stuff” of Old Man Winter just as easily, but it’s too late for that now. Just like it’ll be too late for Rochesterians to winter-proof their windows if you don’t give Wonder Windows a call today. Boom! See what I did there? Totally planned and effortless.

Onto the future! November’s shaping up to be one doozy of a month, as we’re fixing to commence operations on several new endeavors, and perhaps even hiring some new blood! That wasn’t a Halloween pun, I probably should have thought of a different word in all honesty. We’re currently looking for talented animators, motion graphics artists, and VFX peeps to contract with us on a …. contractual basis.  If your stuff is awesome, and we’re sure it is, we’d love to talk and see if we can work something out. Money will be exchanged, thumbs-ups will be given, and everyone walks away happens. Except for the money, that goes away in your wallet, or your mattress, or your giant steel vault, we don’t judge.

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Still a hundred words left to go. Hrm. Hrm is not a word. But these are! OK seriously, this year is rapidly approaching its end, and we’d love to talk with you about your visual marketing needs (if we haven’t already. And if we have, well, hooray!) We love learning about everyone’s cool products & services, and helping to present said products & services to their fullest potential. And get passersby hyped at the same time, it’s a twofer AND a win-win.

Happy Halloween and be safe! We’ll be venturing out in downtown SF and possibly the East Bay at some point this weekend, so it’s looking like some spooky good times are right around the corner!

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XO Carla and Lindsey AKA Cheetah and her Prey

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