Now that we’ve fallen into 2015, it’s time to ‘fall’ into ‘spring’.   We ended 2014, by meeting with clients in Albuquerque New Mexico talking about new collaborative ideas and upcoming projects.  This next month, we are launching ourselves over to New York to see what Cranial Island can do in Western New York as well as New York City.

While in Western New York, we are spending a couple of days in between appointments watching Lucy, CIS’ Mascot and Senior Kibble Hunter. This is not a ceremonial title, she literally tosses kibbles away from her food dish and then hunts them, like a lioness stalking the gazelle. Hopefully next month we will have a whole photo album for you to show how deadly cute she is.  She rolls around, lies on purses, and puts her head in shoes to get the full essence of humanity. Doganity. Unless it’s too loud and/or cold outside, then she’ll tend to…. pretty much do the same things actually, she is a creature of habit.

Anyway. In New York, along with meeting with companies, we have plans to spend time with our Brooklyn artist friends. The itinerary includes dancing, listening to music, and painting weird things that inspire us.  What are those inspiring things you ask?  For CIS’ animator, people falling off high cliffs is a biggie.  So are hilarious, over-the-top death scenes, also know as “death scenes”.  For Carla, it comes more from atmospheric visuals and music that creates a mood. You can read more about this in detail here in her article for Talent House:

Either way, we’re going to go get amazing awesome pizza and see local performers and paint.  It’s going to be heavenly.  February was fun, but March will be moving as we March along into spring after fall, but before summiting into summ…er… Well. Season puns only have so much mileage, it seems. Onwards and upwards.