Hello! We found an interesting article from Smart Insights about using animation in marketing:

http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-platforms/video-marketing/using-animated-videos-for-online-marketing/ Let’s go over some of the main points:

Increased conversion rates. We’ve touched on this before, and we think it bears repeating. “64%- 85% of people are more likely to purchase after watching a product video.” Let’s break this down: If 5 people watch your marketing video for Custom Snake Hats, at least 3 of them will purchase an adorable hat. Maybe even 4. Without the video, there’s a decent chance that none of the potential shoppers will walk away as the proud owner of a new Snake Hat (though at the same time, all of them will be much less at risk from being en-venomed. Oh well).

Video boosts SEO. Let’s return to the Custom Snake Hat business, because this is our blog post and we can write about whatever fake awesome product we wish. “Google owns Youtube, so a presence on Youtube, and embedding video on your site, gives you a 53x higher likelihood of a Google front-page search result.” In other words, one dedicated soul might stumble upon your immaculately-crafted Snake Hats if left to his own devices. However, with embedded Youtube videos and appropriate keywords (Let’s say, “hiss-terical” and “fang-tastic”), up to 53 people will visit your business in hopes of sprucing up the fashion game of their slithery companions.



Viral marketing and video sharing. This isn’t an exact science, but there’s definitely a strong correlation between people clicking on a video, and people in their networking circle also clicking on a video. “68% of people who watch online videos will, in turn, pass links for these videos onto their friends.” In other words, if Melissa watches your video, “A New Top Hat for Rattlesberg Von Serpent (Part 1)”, there’s a decent chance that her friends in her Anacondas Associated club will also shortly watch the same video (and perhaps even parts 2 and 3!). This means that there’s a decent chance your inventory will now be down not one Snake Top Hat, but thirty or even forty thousand! (I have no idea how big a typical Anacondas Associated chapter is, please let me know if this number is less than accurate, thanks).

Woohoo! *snakes hats thrown in air*

Woohoo! *snakes hats thrown in air*

Video saves time in creating Powerpoint presentations. “Animation can enhance presentations, pitches and meetings by helping to explain and promote your business.” Imagine pitching your Custom Snake Hat business to a panel of serious, stuffy, investor types. Imagine slide after slide of adorable Snake Hat. Top hats. Felt hats. Belted hats. Hats with little fruits and bananas (I don’t actually know the proper terminology here). Imagine the awed and pleased grins on the investor’s faces. Now, imagine how much more awed and pleased these investors would be if they were able to watch a video series showing exactly how to tie the hat ribbon around the snakes scaly jaw, or precisely how to tilt the feather in their Robin Hood hat at the best, rakish angle.

"We can show you how we tie our hats on"

“We can show you how we tie our hats on”

Now imagine you and your snake friends buried up to your eyeballs in an unrelenting rain of investor money. It’s almost like your poor snakes would need some sort of protective head covering to keep the money from engulfing them whole. If only there were sort of business that could provide…. Ah ah ah! See what I did there?

"I'm ready!"

“I’m ready!”

Hope everyone’s having a great April, and we’ll see you soon!