Happy 2015! A question many of our clients have asked us is, “Did you know you guys have the same hair?” The answer is yes. Another question they’ve asked us is, “How can animation help our brand?” Good question! It’s very easy to think of animation as a magic wand you can whip out of… somewhere, and magically swoosh over your marketing to make it, well, also magical. And you’d be entirely correct! A good marketing campaign is a lot like art, in that they probably both started their existence as a whiteboard with swirly designs on them. And, from the outside looking in, its very easy to view the transition from doodly chickenscratches, to the final product, as something akin to magic.

Here’s the secret: It totally is. You think sliced bread could sell itself? Well, OK, sliced bread is just awesome. Who couldn’t resist that doughy goodness? But that’s the point! Your ideas *are* awesome! …And potentially doughy too, depending on whethere you’re surrounded by a bakery right now, but that’s incidental to our main point. Ideas are awesome. Ideas are great. And the more people that learn about a great idea, the more likely it is for everyone to have all the bread they can roll into little balls. I mean eat, like a normal human being.

So, to answer the question: Of course animation can help your brand. Animation is the process of walking through every step of a great idea as it unfolds before you. You see it, you hear it, you…. probably don’t smell it, unless your monitor’s on fire, in which case you should probably contact your local fireman instead of reading this newsletter. But totally your decision. Our team wants to help your great idea succeed, and the best, and most fair, way we know to do that is by illustrating its potential to as broad an audience as possible. Some might call it magic, others might call it elbow grease, and as you well know, they’re both right.

Good luck with all your ideas great and small this year, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Animation is a Magical Fiery Blaze