So, we’re doing a (free) happy hour this Friday, September 9th, at Switchyards in Downtown Atlanta. If you’re in the area, please feel free to stop on by! Switchyards has been a great second home to us for the past six months (Wow, has it really been six months since we opened our second office in Georgia? Daaaaaang).

Welcome to ATL

It’s a bustling community of like-minded startup peeps working on all kinds of cool business initiatives, fueled by Octane Coffee-provided caffeine.


Carla’s taken advantage of the space to meet with clients, coordinate projects, fine-tune graphic design-y thingydoos, and hide from scary rush hour traffic before a Weezer concert that one time (True story). It’s a fun space, and you should come to hang out with fun people!

Inside SDC

Let’s talk about entrepeneurialship for a minute.  In our case, we were lucky enough to have the support of family and friends when we started forging our own trail on the mean streets of San Francisco all those years ago (Three years. It was three years ago). While Carla proved herself to be a networking monster, Lindsey’s strict itinerary of hiding from the sun at home and doodling all day… really did not change all that much, as it happens, but c’est la vie.




Also, on here a couple of announcements

  1. We have updated our phone line.  I know we have been using our cell phones, which has been very confusing to many of you.  We now have a San Francisco line and an Atlanta line, so while you can get a holdo of us on our cells, we will start calling in and out from the following numbers. 415-659-8682- San Francisco 404-919-3463- Atlanta
  2. Second, we have been updating our reels with our work.  It is not on our website yet, but if you want to see some of our new work, check out our Vimeo page